What does the warranty covers?

• The warranty covers manufacturer defects against mechanism.

• This include parts such as motors, circuit boards, mechanical parts, gas springs, gas lifts.

• Any repair or replacement under the warranty is limited to the defective parts only.


What is not covered under the warranty?

• The warranty does not covers any problem resulting from wear and tear, product rust, user misuse, improper setup* or authorized modification.

*Improper set will not fall under this if the installation was provided by our team.


Limited warranty

• We reserves the right to whether a benefit under this warranty may be claimed and decide whether the parts should be repaired or replaced.

• Warranty will end immediately if the item becomes defective as a consequence of misuse, authorized modification or lack of proper care and maintenance.

Good posture is important for your health and productivity. If you have an office job, it’s even more important because poor posture can lead to chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, as well as lower back pain. It can help you avoid back pain, improve circulation, and reduce stress. In fact, a recent study found that people who sat up straight in office chairs were more productive in the workplace than those who sit incorrectly.


  • Reduced fatigue: A good office chair will reduce fatigue by helping you maintain an upright posture for long periods of time. This reduces muscle strain and back pain, which can occur from being in an uncomfortable position for too long.
  • Increased productivity and focus: In addition to reducing fatigue and improving circulation (which helps with blood flow), sitting up straight also improves blood flow to the brain, which can increase productivity and focus on tasks at hand as well as improve mood overall! It may not sound like much but little changes like this can have big impacts over time!
  • Reduced health care expenses: Poor posture may leads to long-lasting ill-effects such as backpain, shoulder ache and frequent visit to a chiropractor. Adopting proper workplace ergonomics practices can prevent such effects before they affect both employer and employee.


Whether you work at home or in an office, a good office chair is essential. An office chair is one of the most important elements when it comes to your work environment. For people who work long hours at their desk,  A good chair will make you feel comfortable, promote better posture and help you concentrate on your tasks at hand. Not only do they improve your health but they can also increase productivity! There are plenty of stylish options available – from traditional to modern designs – that will help keep your mind on the task at hand instead of how much your back hurts!


• Our items do not come with any warranty card.

• We will use your order number as the verification for your product warranty.

• The warranty will starts from the date of delivery.

Chairbazaar must be notified of such defect via an photo or video of the relevant defect sent electronically via WhatsApp to +91-9739599821 or email to support@Chairbazaar.com  with the order number.

The faulty part of the item will be delivered at your address with 10-30 Days ubject to availability.

We accept the following payment methods for our online store and showrooms.

  • Online store: Debit/Credit Card payment through Razor pay , UPI and COD

Yes the delivery is Free of cost

Placing an order

Browse through our website and add any items that you wish to buy into the shopping cart. After you have finished your selection, click on ‘Checkout’ and you will be asked for a few details that we need to be able to complete the order.

Stock availability

• All items available for online purchase are not guaranteed to be in stock at the time of order processing.

• All items are subject to availability. In the eventuality of an item becoming out of stock, we will advise you of the new delivery time and you will be offered the option of an alternative or a refund.

• Majority of our products are delivered to our customers in pristine condition.

• Should you received an item that is faulty or damaged, Chairbazaar must be notified within 3 days upon delivery of such defect via an photo or video of the relevant defect sent electronically via WhatsApp to +91-9739599821 or email to support@chairbazaar.com with the order number.

Yes, after cancellation All refunds will be initiated within 14 working days through the same payment mode used

Our delivery will take about 5 to 12 working days – unless stated otherwise (i.e. on preorder status, customized item)